Senior Living Referral Services

Assisted Living

Assisted Living community settings vary across the nation. In most of the nation assisted senior housing could be considered independent living with added services to assist those who need “hands-on” care. This personalized care may include assistance with; bathing, dressing, grooming, showering and toileting. Some assisted living services are also provided in residential settings. In these settings, seniors receive either a private or shared room in a residential neighborhood home within a senior community.

Respite Stay

A short-term or respite stay is a convenient option when planned or unforeseen circumstances require you to seek temporary senior housing for your loved one. Knowing they can move seamlessly into a care environment that supports their wellness needs provides peace of mind when you are called away for business or vacation, or if you just need a short break from caregiving.

A respite care stay also offers guests and family members the extra security of skilled nursing assistance during an illness or rehabilitation after a hospital visit, and may even be helpful before, during, or after an emergency affecting the senior’s home environment, such as an extreme weather event.

Independent Living

Whether it’s a house, apartment, or duplex within a community for seniors, Independent Living refers to a private abode. In fact, Independent Living is frequently referred to as retirement communities, retirement homes, senior apartments, or senior housing.
Essentially, seniors are as independent as possible in their personal care, dressing, and feeding, yet overall, independent living retirement communities offer numerous levels of service (i.e., laundry and housekeeping), as well as a sense of community regarding social events and outings. Independent living facilities vary in price points depending on the location and services offered.